ChampsWe's Class 8th
VIII Worksheets Collection

  1. Scroll Down:

    • When you land on the webpage containing the Class 8 Worksheets, scroll down to view the available subjects.

  2. Select a Subject:

    • Identify the subject (e.g., Mathematics, Science, English) that you want to download worksheets for.

    • Click on the name of the subject to proceed.

  3. Navigate to the Desired Chapter:

    • Within the selected subject, you will see a list of chapters or topics covered in Class 8 curriculum (e.g., Algebra, Cells and Tissues, Grammar Basics).

    • Locate and click on the chapter or topic from which you wish to download worksheets.

  4. Download the Worksheet:

    • Under the selected chapter, you will find a list of downloadable worksheets related to that topic.

    • Look for the specific worksheet you want to download.

    • Next to the worksheet title, there will be a "Download" button or link.

    • Click on the "Download" button under the worksheet you wish to download.

  5. Save the Worksheet:

    • After clicking the "Download" button, your browser will prompt you to save the worksheet file.

    • Choose a location on your device where you want to save the file (e.g., desktop, downloads folder).

    • Click "Save" to download the worksheet to your device.

  6. Access and Use the Worksheet:

    • Once the worksheet is downloaded, locate the file on your device.

    • Open the file using appropriate software (e.g., Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF files) to view and print the worksheet.

    • You can also complete the worksheet digitally using software that supports editing PDF files.